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Hines is one of the largest and most-respected real estate organizations in the world. The organization’s culture is to be the best in everything and Hines’ outstanding staff of 2,500 benefits eligible employees buys into this, which serves it well in its business dealings.

Hines’ benefits team wanted to ensure it could meet employee expectations when it introduced new consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs). The launch had been delayed twice by the company’s Personnel Committee because they had been unable to find a way for CDHP users to have a superb experience.


  • Help employees understand and access the right benefits at the right time.
  • Ensure employee satisfaction to support the introduction of a new CDHP option in addition to its existing PPO plans.


  • Introduce Castlight, which centralizes Hines’ medical, dental, and pharmacy benefits and integrates with the company’s varied existing health and wellness services.
  • Deliver personalized cost and quality information, plus education, so employees can take charge of their healthcare and find the right high-value, high quality providers.
  • Offer employees “on the go” access via Castlight’s mobile application, which helps people make critical decisions at the point of care or look up a newly prescribed medication before leaving the doctor’s office.
  • Drive engagement through eye-catching digital promotions, direct mail, a big bang kick-off, and incentives.




of employees registered with Castlight



90-day return rate



uptake of new CDHP option

Castlight is ideal for our long-term strategy. Rather than trying to mitigate costs by adjusting our benefits or changing co-pays or deductibles, we want to make employees better healthcare consumers. If people have an idea of what care costs and can make educated decisions, that, in itself, will lower the dial.

Cory Fitts
Director of Benefits

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