Leading Service Firm: Achieving substantial savings

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Leading service firm

In 2010, a privately held service company—based in the Midwest with
operations worldwide—unveiled a visionary strategy to become the
number one company in its category. This strategy included improving
employee retention as a key element. The company’s business is built on
the quality of its people. As such, it devotes significant attention to how
it can deliver vibrant, contemporary, and engaging service that ensures
the best possible customer experience. To accomplish this, the company
needed to ensure that it could continue to bring on board the best
people in the business.

An essential element was to improve the health and well-being of its
workforce, which the company sought to achieve by upgrading its
healthcare plan and wellness programs. In addition to keeping employees
healthier and happier, the new benefits initiative was expected to help
the firm reduce its costs—providing additional resources to invest in
future growth.


  • Improve workforce health and wellbeing.
  • Continue to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Reduce healthcare expenditures.


  • Introduce a consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) to 10,000 of the firm’s employees.
  • Implement Castlight to reduce the company’s healthcare costs and help employees effectively manage their CDHP spending.
  • Provide a personalized, consumer friendly, and engaging experience for employees so they can make informed care decisions specific to their needs and be satisfied with their health benefits.




of employees registered



Decline in imaging costs for Castlight users



dollars saved in two years by using Castlight

“With the cost of healthcare continuing to increase, we needed to get
creative with our benefits program to lessen the financial burden and
remain a top choice for attracting and retaining employees. By using Castlight, we found we could significantly reduce our healthcare expenditures.”

Senior Benefits Executive
Service Firm

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