Piedmont Healthcare increases employee engagement and promotes healthy behaviors

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Piedmont Healthcare

Piedmont Healthcare, a health system serving 2.7 million patients throughout Georgia, is a recognized leader in delivering expert care. But this commitment to care goes beyond their patients to also support the health and wellbeing of their 23,000 employees across 800 locations. Piedmont set out to increase employee engagement by incentivizing employees to meet key criteria that would help them take the first steps in managing their health:

  • Register for Castlight
  • Complete their health risk assessment
  • Schedule a primary care visit


  • Foster a culture of health by driving employees to primary care
  • Boost employee engagement with wellbeing programs
  • Simplify the benefit experience


Piedmont started using Castlight’s comprehensive navigation solution, which simplifies the benefit experience to engage employees with the right programs and care, at the right time.

When it came to creating a health and wellbeing program that would engage Piedmont’s employees, Castlight’s expertise made it easy on the benefits team while creating real behavior change for employees.

Piedmont’s new strategy uses milestones—or achievement of specific actions—to earn incentives. These incentives encouraged employees to take the first steps in managing their health. Milestones included not just registering for Castlight, but also completing their health risk assessment and scheduling a primary care visit.

Additionally, to solve new challenges brought on by COVID-19, Castlight helped Piedmont simplify the benefit experience in a particularly complex time for healthcare. Important information and resources were made available in one easily accessible resource center. To address new health and wellbeing challenges, Piedmont added a new nutrition program, offered for free via Castlight.




of employees registered



of registered members completed their health risk assessment



of registered members had a preventive care visit

One of the best partnerships we’ve had. They are agile and able to make benefits navigation easier and better than our [other vendors] ever could.

Jennifer Lavoie
Director of Employee Wellbeing

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