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The Critical (and Overdue) Shift in How We Care for Women at Work

For years, women’s health has focused on pregnancy support1, mostly for cisgender, affluent women with traditional family structures.2 While employers have stepped up to add benefits for some populations, addressing the full spectrum of health and wellbeing needs of all women is long overdue. From women facing menopause, to women of color, to transgender and nonbinary populations, to caregivers and more—how can we take a more inclusive approach that better supports the diverse population and needs of all women in the workplace?  

Watch Dr. ​​Siupo Becker, senior director of health management at WTW, Dr. Tia Jackson-Bey, reproductive endocrinologist in Progyny’s provider network, Jill Angelo, CEO and co-founder of Gennev, and Ruby Dhaliwal, Head of Talent Management, Learning, and Inclusion at Castlight, share critical insights on how to provide critical holistic support for women at work. 

In this webinar recording, you’ll learn:

  • Key considerations for designing more inclusive and expansive benefits offerings 
  • How to connect subpopulations of women with resources personalized to address their specific health needs
  • The business imperative for reducing health disparities and improving access to care for all women today more than ever before

1. Women’s health is about more than gynecology (Quartz)
2. Women and Health (World Health Organization)


Tia Jackson-Bey, MD, MPH

Reproductive Endocrinologist & Infertility Specialist, Progyny Provider Network

Siupo Becker, MD

Senior Director, Health Management, WTW

Jill Angelo

CEO & Co-Founder, Gennev

Ruby Dhaliwal

Head of Talent Management, Learning, and Inclusion, Castlight Health

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