September 6, 2022

Struggling with Point Solution Fatigue? Try These 3 Steps to Overcome It

While point solutions—especially those that are best in class—hold a lot of promise, there are currently thousands of available options to choose from.

“These markets got crowded really, really fast. The ability to differentiate one from the other continues to be one of the biggest challenges,” says Erik Sossa, President, E.A. Sossa Consulting, LLC.

On average, employers offer more than 12 health-focused programs to their members and some even manage separate sets of point solutions for different subsets of their population. As a result, benefits teams have started needing additional capacity and resources—after all, there’s an incredible administrative burden involved in:

  • Vetting, contracting, and managing available solutions
  • Devising and executing a successful engagement strategy for each solution and population subset
  • Troubleshooting potential issues as they occur
  • Measuring whether current point solutions are driving meaningful and verifiable outcomes

Plus, it’s also a lot of information for members to digest, and they can become overwhelmed and discouraged when trying to figure out what solutions they can and should choose for their unique health journey. 

We’ve put together a resource to help. Our new playbook, 3 Steps to Overcome Point Solution Fatigue, contains everything you need to know to identify the best solutions, encourage and evaluate member engagement, and optimize your ongoing point solution strategy.

It’s an excellent roadmap for employers and health plans interested in taking a proactive approach and preventing fatigue from taking root for both benefits leaders and members. In addition, the playbook outlines how a connected navigation partner, such as Castlight Health, can also play a substantial role in overcoming point solution fatigue.

Are you ready to win the battle against point solution fatigue? Download the free playbook now.

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