Client Service: How Jiff Does It

In the world of enterprise technology, service is everything. Subscription revenue models, now the norm, have closely aligned the objectives of tech vendors with their clients.  Enterprise customers therefore don’t need technology alone, they need thoughtful planning and careful deployment of technology in order to achieve maximum business impact. In short, they need a consultative partner.

Still, in recent years many SaaS vendors have severely under-invested in service. All too often they divert funds away from costly customer-facing teams, in order to reap higher margins through product R&D. The result — most enterprise SaaS products bloat in features, yet deliver only a fraction of their potential value.

Jiff is ready to be your consultative partner in the complex and fragmented digital health marketplace.

Enterprise health benefits represent a trifecta of complexity, heightening the need for outstanding client service. First, there is the complexity of the digital health ecosystem, with thousands of apps, tools, and technology-enabled services. Second, the complexity of an employee population, with its diverse health needs, desires, and goals. And finally, the complexity of the enterprise, with vastly different org structures, business processes, and geographic footprints. What happens when you throw a potentially game-changing technology into this mix, namely, the Jiff platform?

The answer is that magic can happen, and usually does, due in large part to the exceptional, white-glove support provided by Jiff’s customer success managers (CSMs).

Jiff’s Consultative Service

We help every customer unlock the full value from our products through expertise in three core areas — strategic planning, benefits program configuration, and end-user adoption.

1) Strategic Planning

Jiff provides human resource teams with unprecedented control over their health benefits. With a few clicks of a button they can select what programs to deploy, choosing from the vast array of solutions in the digital health marketplace.

Think about the experience of receiving your first smart phone. It came preloaded with some tools and features, but the real value came from the apps, which you chose yourself. Similarly, the best way to unlock Jiff’s enormous potential is to install the right set of health benefits point solutions for your population. However, many human resources teams are not accustomed to this level of flexibility. That is why we provide every customer with extensive strategic guidance.

Our CSMs work closely with your human resources team to understand your company’s existing initiatives, employee population, and cost drivers. Then, we help you develop a strategic plan that connects the supply of available point solutions to your company’s unique needs. For example, a highly sedentary workforce might benefit most from fitness and weight management programs, while a workforce recently enrolled in an HDHP may benefit from price transparency tools.

Jiff helps you choose from the vast array of solutions in the digital health marketplace.

It’s important to note that our CSMs help your company make program choices at the population or enterprise-level. Once these programs are made available in the platform, Jiff’s personalized recommendation engine makes specific recommendations for each individual employee, based on his or her unique needs.

After determining which programs to make available for your population, we help you answer key questions around timing and sequencing. For instance, should you deploy telemedicine before price transparency? Should you pilot test an expert opinion service before you expand it to your entire population? And where would be the optimal location for such a pilot test? Our recommendations are fact-based, derived from our experience in the field with dozens of companies and hundreds of thousands of employees.

2) Benefits Program Configuration

If you think about enterprise technology products like or Oracle, every instance is tailored their client’s unique needs, business processes, and objectives. Similarly, Jiff provides customers with numerous controls so that you can get the most out of our product. Our CSMs use the strategic planning process as a jumping off point, and then work with you to make your plan into a reality. In addition, we can make best-practice recommendations on product configuration, based on what has worked well for other customers like you.

First, our CSMs guide your team to structure your incentives program. Do you want to reward behaviors or outcomes? How much budget should you allocate to each solution category? Also, how do you want to set up your Rewards Center — the place where employee redeem points for rewards? What is your total budget for rewards inventory? What types of rewards do you want to provide?

Second, our CSMs support your decisions around the Jiff Store, the space where you can subsidize the purchase of digital health tools and devices. What specific tools will be discounted? And if so, how much and for whom?

Third, we guide you through the process of customizing the app to your company’s branding. Our design team customizes many aspects of the Jiff experience, including logos, color palette, and language. In addition, we can even set up multimedia content specifically tailored to your company, including an onboarding video when users first log-on. Our CSMs and expert designers help you think through these choices.

Our team stands by your side throughout the configuration process, ensuring you get the most out of our platform.

3) End-User Adoption

At Jiff, we live-and-breathe end-user engagement. And while our product does much of the work at driving engagement, the very first hurdle is getting an employee to sign-up. That is why every CSM is held personally accountable for delivering maximum user adoption, which is achieved through a full-service marketing and communications program.

Each Jiff contract comes bundled with a multi-channel marketing program that includes email, print, in-app alerts, and digital media campaigns. Our CSMs manage the program in close collaboration with our fully-staffed communications team, who deliver best-in-class marketing tactics that are optimized for end-user engagement.

Jiff’s Approach to End-User Marketing

The communications team invests significant effort upfront to understand what makes your employee population unique. For example, a young, tech-savvy workforce is very different from a middle-aged, manufacturing workforce, and as such should receive different types of communication. Through this discovery process, our team uncovers what delivery method and language might resonate best with your employees.

Next, our world-class design team that develops custom collateral tailored to your brand, population, and program goals. Wherever possible we also search for opportunities to personalize the messages, for example, to tailor messages to specific offices, demographics, or interest groups. And finally, we frequently look for opportunities to integrate Jiff’s messaging into the company’s pre-existing marketing campaign to avoid email overload. The proof of our marketing competence is in the pudding; our campaigns consistently generate open rates 1.8 times above the industry average.

While our marketing efforts drive significant rates of adoption, invariably questions arise. That’s why we staff an end-user support team, available 24/7 to answer questions promptly, and make sure employees get onto our platform with ease.

We put so much effort into getting employees to sign-up for Jiff because we know that once they start using it, they’ll be hooked.

Jiff has never lost a customer in two years. And while we’re proud of our zero churn rate, the real hallmark of our success is the measurable impact our platform has delivered in the form of improved engagement, satisfaction, and health outcomes. To read more about Jiff’s core differentiators visit our resources page.